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Tariffs on bilateral merchandise trade between the UK and Morocco will continue to apply as soon as the agreement enters into force. However, in some cases, non-preferential rates may be lower due to changes to the most favoured nation scale in the United Kingdom. 3 European Commission, “Country and Regions: Morocco”: [recalled 4 February 2020] The agreement aims to fill the legal void after the UK withdraws from Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union (EU), the government spokesman said in a statement read at the end of the Council on Thursday. The Moroccan Governing Council`s decision also aims to put an end to an agreement reached in 2010 between Morocco and the EU for the establishment of a dispute settlement mechanism, he added. The United Kingdom has signed an association agreement with Morocco. 20.FCO officials have explained to us that they are convinced that the UK agreement is in line with EU law and the government`s position on the status of Western Sahara, and that the government will carefully consider the impact of a future Court of Justice ruling. They also said that further consultations on the 2019 EU amendment were seen as incompatible with the UK`s mandate to guarantee only a technical repetition of EU agreements, even though they are still an EU member state. Nevertheless, the inclusion of Western Sahara in the UK agreement raises an important policy question of how the UK should reconcile its commitment to the “indeterminate” status of Western Sahara with the continuation of a trade agreement with Morocco. The Moroccan Government Council has approved the partnership agreement between Morocco, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, concluded in London on 26 October 2019.

11.It is only since 2009 that the EU has attempted to include in its trade agreements important provisions relating to geographical indications (GIs), so that the agreement between the United Kingdom and Morocco does not include material obligations in terms of the protection of geographical indications. Instead, the agreement between the UK and Morocco (such as the EU agreement) deals with broader international standards and obligations on intellectual property rights. In a political declaration annexed to the agreement, the two countries pledged to maintain the “strategic relations” they engage in while preserving the political, economic, judicial and territorial benefits as defined in the texts of EU-Morocco relations.

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