Casual Letting Agreement

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We offer an occasional rental service for homeowners at the low cost of a week`s rental plus GST. Do you want to manage the leases on your property, but don`t have time to find the right tenant? Do you want to make sure that you calculate the right rent and that you find a suitable tenant? Our occasional rental services help in both situations. To not charge rental fees to incoming tenants. Our casual rental services will give you access to our know-how to ensure the right tenant at the right rental level. We charge a small single fee for this service, and you don`t have to worry about current fees for property management. As an owner, I agree that it is my responsibility to do: 1. Fill out a written property verification form on the issuance of the occupation. 2. Run a water meter when issuing the property.

3. If necessary, fill out a list of Chattels before granting possession. 4. To make sure you have paid your rental fees through the tenant before owning the tenant. If I refrain from verifying that you have paid your rental fee and that you have not been paid, then I agree to pay your rental fee on request. 5. Don`t compete with you. 6. I know that there is a week`s rent plus $150 GST Administration fee for this casual rental service in which I am charged. I add my data so that you can prepare a rental contract: in most cases, the houses we have rented previously have been successfully completed within 2-3 weeks of the date of the list. We recommend that landlords meet with appropriate tenants before a lease is entered into. It makes everyone happy.

We will then give you the signed lease and give you a blank pre-exam form before the start of the lease to allow you to compete with the tenant. Now times have changed and now it is accepted that the landlord should pay for a tenant`s search service. Rent Place has established that the service fee will be set at $550 – GST regardless of rental income for the first casual rent and only $500 GST for new customers. We think that is fair, given the costs and the work involved. Although all considerations are taken into account, The Rent Place assumes no financial responsibility in the event of loss of rent, late payment or damage to the property during the rental period or tenants arranged by The Rent Place. We have a rental agreement that can be added on special terms, but we are also willing to use your existing agreement. Remember that an agreement is only applicable if it is a rental right under the Residential Tenancy Act. Casual rental is the right thing to do if you are happy with the lease. This includes the lease: I authorize you to use any lease form you deem appropriate and to sign on our behalf.

With casual rental, we do the whole process of finding tenants, guaranteeing a lease and collecting the first week of rental. At this point, we will give you the lease. You will then continue to re-run the rent and work on maintenance requests as well as the end of rental exams. I/We authorize you and inform you: find candidates: promote tenants and make applications and select the best candidate based on performance. Borrowing: I authorize you to collect a three-week loan and pay it directly on my behalf to the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, whether or not the bond filing form is my signature. Rental fees: I advise you to collect the rental fee from the tenant in the sense of S.17 (4) (c) Residential Tenancies Act 1986. Rental: I charge you to let the premises in for no less than the sublet amount per week and collect a rent of 1 week in advance.

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