Cif Multi School Agreement

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Below are links to the forms of the 2018-2019 multi-schooling agreement (new members and renewal). Both forms are complete PDF files, making it easy for schools to complete. The only change is the fee for each student, which is now $0.78 per student. The deadline remains unchanged: 31 May 2018. New School Multi Campus Agreement 2018-19 With the permission of the school board, Santa Paula`s application was submitted to the Tri-County Athletic Association on March 28. By a two-thirds majority, she was beaten 7-6. David Shaneyfelt`s first request for a multi-school deal at Santa Paula High turned out to be much more sticky. “There are a number of private schools on the list approved by Oxnard Union High School, including St. Augustine,” Perez said. “We were able to catch up with the students in these schools for their eligibility.

Of all our schools, there has always been unanimous agreement. Now that we`re in another coastal canyon league, we just have to renew our app. “There was a sense that the families who started this petition were marginal and did not deserve the benefits of sport in our public school system,” Kolbeck said. “I don`t agree. They`re our people. They`re our taxpayers. They deserve the same chances. At the heart of the controversy is the multi-schooling agreement established by the CIF-SS, which allows students who attend a school that is not a member of the Southern Section and does not offer team sports to acquire sports skills in their residential neighbourhood. It is necessary to obtain the approval of the School of The South Section, the School District and the Member League. Michael Shaneyfelt is a gifted athlete who prefers football and basketball and grew up in Santa Paula and plays sports with several members of the city`s high school teams.

Kolbeck, a board member with a family history of seven children who played high school sports in Santa Paula, admits she was surprised by any rejection of the proposal. “I am disappointed by a process that seems to put the victory and loss of league schools and their sports teams above the interest in what is best for our friends of the students,” she said. “We should strive to support our residents and taxpayers and give everyone equal opportunities in our public school system. I think we all gave up this time. Mary Perez, the athletic director of Camarillo High, said the problem first appeared when the school was still a member of the Pacific View League. He played youth sports with santa Paula athletes as outstanding as Keshaun Mata, the senior quarterback. Shaneyfelt is a multidimensional athlete who could play wide receivers, quarterbacks and defense.

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