Clinton Middle East Peace Agreement

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A summit with Arafat and Barak the next day in Egypt was cancelled. [1] [15] [21] [22] On 1 January, the Palestinian Negotiating Team (NAD) published an open letter explaining why the proposals “did not meet the conditions for a lasting peace”. They asserted that the parameters qualified the Palestinian state, including East Jerusalem, in separate cantons and unrelated islands, and protested against the transfer of the right of return of Palestinian refugees and the lack of clarity and detail. Clinton`s proposal was not accompanied by a card; Only the Israelis presented a map that would supposedly render the Palestinian state unprofitable and would not have direct access to international borders. The Palestinians rejected the Israeli annexation of settlement blocks in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, who claimed to them that they subordinated the condanity of the Palestinian state. They also protested that Israel would take control of its natural resources and planned to cede less valuable land to them on the outskirts of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. [23] As Arafat flew to Washington to meet with President Clinton, the Al-Ayyam newspaper published in Arabic a letter to Clinton with the Palestinian reservations. [24] Second, the President and the Secretary of State made it clear that our negotiating approach would involve cooperation with Israel and not against Israel. We are committed to deepening our strategic partnership with Israel in the search for peace and security. Those who truly aspire to a comprehensive and real peace realize that this cannot be done without Israel`s withdrawal from the territory, which carries concrete risks to its security.

And those who actually seek progress should understand that without this kind of special relationship between the United States and Israel, it will not happen. The king`s jet was released to fly over Israel on the way to Amman, one of the agreements of the Washington Declaration. He was escorted by Israeli F-15 fighters. The aircraft overflew Jerusalem and circled it several times at 300 feet. It was the first time since 1967 that Hussein had looked at the city. The Queen said it was a deeply moving moment, especially when they were watching the Dome of the Rock. And yet no one I`ve met believes that Clinton seeks peace only for eging recognition. People who know him say he continues to deal with this issue today. “It`s an unfinished business for him,” said Dennis Ross, Clinton`s former Middle East negotiator. In particular, Clinton is concerned that he was unable to accomplish what Rabin himself had tried to accomplish for the martyred rabin. The obvious objective of the United States is to facilitate Israel`s desire to conquer the maximum amount of Palestinian land with the smallest number of Palestinians.

To this end, two key players were present at the White House this week: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli opposition leader Benny Gantz. No Palestinians were needed, because the “Deal of the Century” is actually a Memorandum of Understanding between the United States and Israel on how to annex the Palestinian territory. In his address to the Israel Policy Forum in New York on 7 January, President Clinton described the “parameters” he had presented to both sides as a “guide to a comprehensive agreement” that Prime Minister Barak and President Arafat had accepted, albeit on the merits, as a basis for further peace efforts; As reported by Reuters and The Jerusalem Post , President Clinton`s “parameter” for a comprehensive agreement between Israelis and Palestinians, the relationship between Rabin and Hussein was crucial to the success of the negotiations. Both trusted the other. Hussein saw Rabin as a soldier who had security issues under his command.

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