Wholesale Broadband Agreement 4

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3.8 To meet the terms of the Telstra agreement, the review of the SSU and the ACCC`s draft migration plan is expected to be completed by 20 December 2011 or, moreover, renewed by mutual agreement. There is also no wholesale charge for broken connections, while for most customers, discounts on connection delays and repairs are $7.50 and $15 per business day. Priority support clients would benefit from higher discounts. “We will closely monitor the implementation of these agreements by NBN Co to ensure that these measures achieve their objectives. It will also inform our thoughts on agreements reached beyond the duration of the next wholesale agreement,” Sims said. Experience varies based on a number of factors, including technology, on which services are provided and factors that are not controlled by NBN Co, such as broadband speed plans, suppliers and equipment. 3.43 Under the AUS, wholesale prices for key products would be set for a five-year period, ending June 30, 2017. Price increases after this period would be lower than inflation “to ensure, over time, real price declines in the wholesale trade.” [25] n “Over time, HFC customers who require services at a higher speed are likely to migrate from Optus to NBN. There are a number of views on how quickly current HFC Optus customers want these higher speeds.

While the ACCC did not provide advice on future high-speed broadband requirements, it agreed that the Optus HFC network would not be profitable once a critical mass of customers was lost. [15] NBN Co announced that with its new “Focus on Fast” campaign, it would encourage more customers to switch to faster broadband plans. These initiatives included new wholesale discount options and optimization programs for HFC and fixed wireless networks. Bill Morrow, CEO of NBN Co, commented on the company`s performance: “The 2018 financial year was very important for the company, as we offset our commitment to develop the network as quickly as possible with our priority of improving service to affiliates. Access to higher wholesale plans – there are 47 percent of households and businesses with a speed plan of 50 Mbps (download) wholesale or more – up from 16 percent in July 2017. This metric also contains wholesale speed shots of 25-50 Mbps (download). The nbn™ access network was operating 100.0% of the time, up from 99.9% in July 2017. Small businesses had the least confidence in their ability to use a new broadband network. Almost 50% of small businesses surveyed felt that their desire for a new broadband network was low – none, while for medium and large businesses, the number was closer to 40%. The most common strategies considered by companies to prepare for a national broadband network are the training of existing staff (80%) recruit new employees (25%).

[57] … Retailers to conclude these agreements know that if there is a change or acceptance of regulatory attitudes that might lead them to question whether this agreement is the deal they wish to enter into with NBN Co, they have the opportunity to renegotiate that agreement. [38] We believe that the industry is probably moving towards retailers that offer a kind of “everything you need in communication.” And this package could not just include fixed voice services and broadband; it could also include pay-TV services, IPTV services and, perhaps, mobile services. The industry is already moving in that direction. From a consumer perspective, you can see some advantages in the fact that you only deal with one distributor for all of these services. We believe that the NBN should stimulate this type of trend. I think we will probably see that retailers are offering growing service packages. [43] Acquisition of higher wholesale shots – `download) wholesale speed plan` includes wholesale plans with download speeds, including 50 Mbps and 25-50Mbps plans that NBN Co provides to phone and internet providers.

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