Bluehost Service Level Agreement

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One thing that sets Bluehost apart is its market place. While it`s still possible to buy high-end themes and plugins for your WordPress installation, marketplace combines them with other value complementary services such as search engine optimization or the migration of Bluehost websites and different third parties. We would like to think that we are still doing it right, but unfortunately, there are times when you may feel that we have done something wrong. The valuable feedback from our customers is an essential part of continuously improving our services and maintaining our high standards. Their business vision is to create “a safer web for all.” Bluehost supports this vision by investing in open source projects, promoting civility on the Internet and simply using their service for people of all ages. WP Pro focuses on providing hosting and related services that offer optimal speed, security and ease of use for WordPress site owners. While GoDaddy didn`t necessarily have bad operating figures, they seemed to fall a little below the gold standard of 99.9%. We also believe that their ALS policy stinks, as it is only refunded for the period during which the site is down. While Bluehost does not explicitly spend a refund plan for operating/down time, we were able to refund more than the time spent on a website outage after talking with customer service. Although there is no guarantee that they would do so regularly, we think the figures in this case indicate that Bluehost has a little more reliability.

Note: This Bluehost rating focuses on their shared hosting services, which is why I now share my own experience and knowledge of this Bluehost product. Bluehost offers four levels of service for shared hosting plans: @bluehost your online chat help are fantastic. You helped me make my first download. Great support – thank you! In addition to a full range of web hosting services, Bluehost offers marketing training, referencing services, social marketing, content creation, graphic design services, emails, domain names and lists of local businesses to increase traffic. Bluehost has a decent reputation, but we prefer a server operating time guarantee codified in a service level contract or claim terms that customers can report in the worst case scenario. If you need to sell online, expect moderate traffic, download many media or have an interactive website (instead of a static brochure site, z.B.), then shared hosting is not for you. Keep reading to learn more about VPS Hosting, which may be more appropriate. Congratulations to @bluehostsupport winner of the most incompetent Techincal Support Award. Kindly Gl├╝ckwunsch@bluehost Bluehost is a great web host, who is known for his WordPress expertise, a variety of “one-stop shop” services and bargain prices. It has engineers working on the basic WordPress software itself.

It`s worth knowing that Bluehost will secure your site on the cheapest basic plan – but it`s only on the Choice Plus plan and on the fact that you include CodeGuard for free, which is an advanced and personalized backup service.

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